Classic & Custom 

Classic & Custom

Automotive Component Blasting  

Motorcycle Restoration 


Vapour Blasting

Bead Blasting 

Dry Blasting

Ultrasonic cleaning

Powder coating

Motorcycle Restoration 

We are a company who specialize in the cleaning & blasting of automotive components

Working on all automotive components from the smallest items to full vehicle bodies,

Opening hours 

Monday       8.00am      5.30pm

Tuesday        8.00am      5.30pm 

Wednesday    8.00am      5.30pm  

Thursday     8.00am      5.30pm

Friday          8.00am      5.30pm

Saturday     8.00am      5.30pm

Sunday Closed 

Closed all Bank Holidays 

VFR Battery Tray
VFR Down Pipes
Candy Gold Coated
Silver chrome coated
Wheel in Gray Primmer
Frog Eyed
Austin doors
Triumph Stag
Norton Dominator Engine case
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Candy gold lacquer