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BSA   C15

The BSA C15 was a 250 cc single-cylinder ohv Motorcycle manufactured by the British company BSA from September 1958 until 1967, and was BSA's first four-stroke unit-construction bike.For most of that period, after the introduction of 'Learner Laws' in 1961, a 250 cc was the largest capacity solo machine that a learner could ride unaccompanied when displaying L-plates in the United Kingdom. A road-going Sports derivative was added in 1961, and off-road versions, for Trials and Scrambles, were also available in the range.

Producing only 15 bhp (11 kW), the C15's lack of power meant that it was hard for the BSA to compete with the more sophisticated Japanese motorcycles (such as the Honda C71 and CB72) which began arriving in the UK in the 1960s

Now the dismantlis has taken place it is time to Blast off all the contamination and re-coat all tinware and frame 

 All  the frame and tinwear is now blasted and coated with powder coat primer

Well Now comes the time to look at the engine