Ford Anglia

Ready for Blasting 

The Anglia is now ready for blast 

Not a norm for us and one thing we say you should take off was left on  so some of the surface will be missed 

Classic & Custom

Blast services

Is fast becoming one of the best in Cheshire

This Car Body was Blasted

with Glass Dust to reduce the surface damage.

Blasting with this media leaves the surface smoother than other medias and can be etched primed without any flatting off of the panels.

Unless the panels need filling or repairing

One of the things we do not do is remove the mastic from panel joints this is a bad idea and should be avoided.

Under seal is always the hardest part of blasting any car as we blast at low pressure to avoid warping although now and then this can’t be helped if the panels are thin and have too much sealant,

When removing sealant with blasting of any type the surface below will get warm this can sometimes start the process of warping which rarely happens as we continuously check the surface for heat