Motorcycles  for restoration .


Motorcycles come for restoration of many resins.

Some come just because you like the style or it was a bike you wanted as a kid ,

Some come with family ties.

Then there is always the bikes that come because they have been forgotten left in the shed for many years unloved and decaying.

Whatever your resin for restoring it has to be done right,

Here at Classic & Custom we pride ourselves on the standard of restoration we return.

At this point I must say no corners will be cut no cheap skating will happen a bike takes as long as it takes and will be what ever the price ends up , We do only charge for what we do

(time used in restoration is charged by the hour not the job)

As a norm we take a deposit on all projects when we start this is to help pay for parts and re-coating Ect: As a Norm this is around the 20% of what our estimate says


Honda CB250N


In for restoration 

This is a Bike with family History 

To be stripped and rebuilt to make safe,

Leaving the patina of the history 

Now finished