Classic & Custom 

New Hudson Autocycle 

98 cc Villiers engine 

Power of the past


if you can dream it you can fix it 


Powder coating 

Keep watching as we rebuild this autocycle 

Autocycle is a motorised Bicycle with an attached motor or engine and transmission used either to power the vehicle unassisted, or to assist with pedalling. Since it always retains both pedals and a discrete connected drive for rider-powered propulsion, the motorised bicycle is in technical terms a true bicycle, albeit a power-assisted one. However, for purposes of governmental licensing and registration requirements, the type may be legally defined as a motor vehicle, motorbike, moped, or a separate class of hybrid vehicle. This auto cycle is powder by a 98cc Villiers engine This New Hudson was a poplar make in it's day

Bloody hell

 Someone has chipped the frame .

All to be dismantled again hate it when this like this happen but that is life so let's take it apart 

Tank refitted till we are ready to coat it