Classic & Custom 

 Restoration the art of dreams 

Motorcycle Restoration 




After many years of Motorcycle restoration  and many hours of enjoyment seeing the faces of those who have had there pride and joy restored, 

Classic and Custom will restore your motorcycle with pride,

All our work is undertaken with the care and workmanship expected from a Company rebuilding you pride and joy 

Restoration is about getting it right no matter how long or how much it costs.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our restorations on the workmanship of our service

 On the finish of the completed motorcycle, 

Restoration of motorcycles can take several months if not longer, Be sure that you know that if we restore your motorcycle it will be with us as long as it takes 

We do keep a log of time spent restoring each motorcycle we also keep a photo log with every dismantle and rebuild of all motorcycles,