Classic & Custom 

Carburettor Cleaning and Dismantling 

As with all components we Blast Clean every item is handled with care,

We start our treatment with a decontamination stage of cleaning this is to remove any dirt or  oil of the surface. we then strip your carburettor,

Classic & Custom

Carburettor Cleaning 

Ultrasonic Cleaning of the carburettor after vapour blasting is to remove any contamination left in the air and fuel ways in your carburettor,

Rebuilding the carburettor 

Every item is checked for wear any components that are worn  or need replacing the customer will be advised,

At this point there is option of we order in the  components that need replacing and fit them or the customer replaces then themselves, 

Contact Classic & Custom if you want to know anything about our process 

Bing Carburetor

Set of four carburettors for Vapour Blasting and Ultrasonic cleaning 

Twin choke Webers Carburettors for cleaning