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Bellier Veloto Type BL

Bellier Veloto Type BLI,

Is  cycle Car,

One i have never heard of before But what i Quaint little Vehicle

This is going to be a long turm project as I have to find out as much as i can bout this little Lady. 

What I have found so far 

This was one of the first entrants into the new field of 50 cc microcars, which new French regulations involving three categories opened up.

Initially a manufacturer of batteries, Jean Bellier built his first vehicle in 1968, a small, Solex-powered 3-wheeler intended for childrens' road safety training.

Introduced at the Salon de Jouet of 1972, the Buggy F85, again Velosolex-powered with friction drive to the rear wheels, was exported to 48 countries until 1976.

The Salon d'Automobile of that year saw the introduction of the Veloto, at the time the only two-seater able to be driven without a license. It was essentially aimed at retirees who had given up driving.

Colours offered were sky blue, orange, mustard yellow, white and prairie green, all with a rather tent-like black top.

Manufacturer: Societe BEL-Motors, Les Sables-d'Olonne, France

well here is our lady 


For those of you that have not seen one before this is what it should look like 


This one is in a museum 


This one is in a museum